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Older Trials


The early trials were created using a variety off different programs.  Now they’re all done using the same format as the later ones. 


January 2013, Huntington Beach January 12 - NW1  January 13 - NW1 June 2013 June 1, NACSW Invitational, Day 1 June 2 NACSW Invitational, Day 2 Awards June 15 Duarte NW3  June 16 Duarte NW3 November 2013 Nov. 30 San Pedro  NW2 January 2014 January 3 San Pedro NW3  January 4 San Pedro NW3  January 5 San Pedro NW1 May 2014 NACSW Invitational Santa Rosa May 9 Day 1  May 10 Day 2  May 10 NACSW Dinner  May 11 Day 3 June 2014 June 28 Vista NW2 Vehicle/Container  NW2 Exterior June 29 Vista NW1 Exterior  NW1 Awards September 2014 Sept. 19 NW2 Happy Valley, OR December 2014 Dec. 26 NW3 Palmdale  Dec. 27 NW3 Palmdale
Scott Peterson
Archive Photos Photos from the 2008-2012 archives can be downloaded for free.  Find the picture you want and right-click on it to save it.  These pictures will have a watermark and are ‘as taken’.  If you want one ‘cleaned up’ or printed, contact me for information scott@k9pix.net